I see; therefore you are


The fact that the human intellect can recognize in the cosmos two distinct essences, the subject and the object, the being principle and the knowing principle, tells me that this intellect must itself transcend both of these principles.

We cannot see something unless we are in some sense apart from it.

The ground of human intellect is otherworldly, and this not so much in the sense of another world separated from this world, whether above or below or in any sense apart from it. But the otherworldliness of the intellect is similar to the otherworldliness of the waking state compared to its own dreaming state.

If intellect is beyond being and beyond knowing, then what is it!

Intellect sitting at the summit of both being and knowing and yet transcendent to both, is a place (a nowhere) where knowing is purified from all being. This is when knowing transcends the…

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It is absolutely clear that this world and its contents are purely mental and nothing solid in it. To come out of suffering entirely you should know your mind thoroughly.

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