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Life Beyond Space and Time


This humble project is an experiment in communication.

Initially, it is a story posted in installments.

This text, however, is intended to become the script for a dramatic play, a solo show where Ramanand’s character will tell the story. The play will first be recorded as audio only, and then the intention is to produce it in visual form too, as an artistic, hand-painted animated movie.

At this point, we are getting close to having the first twelve chapters published on this blog. These twelve first chapters constitute Part One of the story. To a certain extent, then, chapter twelve will be a provisional ending, the end of Part One.

An initial audio version of Part One will be shared freely with anyone who wishes to hear it. That will make it easier for more people to follow this story, since it is not only being created for readers, but…

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Achieving Self- Realization

Yachna Yoga

The following article is not for everyone.  It will only appeal to those rare diehard individuals who seek the highest goal of achieving God consciousness, who have a hunger for self realization (atmagyan ); For those who have an undying thirst for learning the universal truth and discovering their true divine nature.

The formula to achieve God consciousness or self realization is very simple,  but very difficult to execute. The formula is- Still your mind.

Annhilate all thoughts as mind is nothing but thoughts.

No- not even positive thoughts will help attain self realization.  The fact that one puts in conscious effort to think positive thoughts is an indication of the amount of negativity that has overtaken one’s mind. Don’t try to slay negative thoughts with positive thoughts-  just become thought free.

The world appears real because of constant thoughts.  Once thoughts subside and the mind becomes completely still- the universal truth…

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Seeing God


God, i.e. that ineffable Ground of all things to which the word alludes, can surely be seen and realized. This ground is not found as long as one is seeking it in the form of an object of consciousness, for It is Itself the source of that objectifying subjectivity that animates all things from behind the veil that is the seeking subject.

God is not found by seeking, for It is the finding itself: It is the will by which one seeks and the light in which one finds. The revealer of all things Itself remains forever concealed.

However, God, the Ground, can be seen and realized though in a manner incomparable to ordinary cognition subject to the trifold differentiation of the knower, the known, and the knowing. Compared to the seeing that sees God, our everyday seeing is sheer blindness.

Knowledge, whether discursive or unitive, has a form proportioned…

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The amazonian banana republic: the strī-rājya in Hindu tradition



The śaiva tradition shows a dichotomy with respect to the role of the sex in ritual and purity. The earlier antimārga or pāśupata tradition focused on abstinence and the so-called “upward flow” or ūrdhvaretas. This indeed the underlying idea behind the ithyphallic depiction of Lakulīśa, the founder of one of the key atimārga traditions. However, within the śaiva tradition there was another ambivalent practice with earlier roots in the shared pool of ascetic practices, which were also inherited by the vaiṣṇava-s (e.g. Vaikhānasa-gṛhyasūtra). This was the asidhārā-vrata. Here the practitioner engages in kissing and coital contact with his wife or another beautiful and sexually active woman without spilling his seed. Successful practice of this for a certain fixed period is said to confer rewards on the practitioner. This practice continued within the śaiva-mantra-mārga both in the saiddhāntika (e.g. in the Mataṅga-pārameśvara tantra) and bhairava (e.g. Brahma-yāmala) streams. Thus, the practice…

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What is God


The atheist is a man or woman disbelieving in a god of his own understanding. In rejecting God as an absolute principle of reality, he unjustifiably promotes his own fallible reason to omniscience, a station whose very existence he had set out to refute. Atheism, like relativism, is self-contradictory for merely logical reasons. But perhaps we may offer a few more or less intellectual and esoteric conceptions of God, in the sense of Godhead, as food for thought for those who rather see than believe.

God is:

“The coincidence of all opposites.”Rumi

“An infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”Liber XXIV Philosophorum

“The synthetic unity of all antithetic determinations.”Eugen Fink

“The permanent actuality of the Self.”Rene Guenon

“The eternal present.”Don’t Remember

“The undifferentiated and un-differentiable state of consciousness.”Tomaj Javidtash

“Awesome.”Arthur Vandelay

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