The maṅgalācaraṇam of the Mānasollāsa


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A conversation with a friend brought my mind back to the Mānasollāsa, the encyclopedia of the great Cālukya emperor Someśvara-deva. Below is the maṅgalācaraṇam of that work. The last verse is where the author announces himself. There are the following caveats: 1) The text as I have it is unclear in parts and this seems to arise both from the printing and the underlying manuscripts that were used. In the unclear parts I have taken the readings most obvious to me. 2) There translation appended to verses is approximate and the reader should look at the original.

abhīṣṭa-phaladaṃ siddhi-siddhamantraṃ gaṇeśvaram ।
karṇa-tālāniloddhūta-vighna-tūla-lavaṃ numaḥ॥
We salute the Gaṇeśvara, the giver of desired fruits and the success-granting mantra, who blows away the cotton-tangles of obstacles with the draft from the beating of his ears.

saṃvit-sakhī jayaty ekā kā ‘pi śuddhā sarasvatī ।
yayā svataḥ prabuddhānāṃ prakāśo’tiprakāśyate ॥

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The Inside Out Soul

What else can be added to infinity


This infinity that is in front of me, the infinity that shows itself to me as an indefinite extension of space and an indefinite duration of time, as here and there, as now and then! This infinity that I have attributed to the cosmos outside of myself at the cost of defining myself as a finite being situated within that cosmos! This is the misplaced infinity of my own soul; this infinity is within me and not outside of me.

I, the transcendental witness, cannot perceive my own infinity directly and as it is in itself, as also the eyes cannot see themselves directly. To see and know my infinity I project it outside of myself and come to see its reflection, much like the eyes that can see themselves only through their reflection in a mirror. This cosmos that is displaying itself before me is the reflection of my…

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My Perennials


I see, and I see from a dimension into which no creature can look. I roll in plain sight but who is to see my face!

What keeps me concealed from view is the pure simplicity of my nature. What brings me into view is the pure simplicity of your nature.

Some have sought me in the seen, in nature and its objects; some have sought me in the seer, in the spirit and its subjects. But I’m to be found not by seeking but by seeing, and neither in the seen nor in the seer, but in the seeing itself.

The seen and the seer are like my two hands. Find me who am dwelling in between the two, in the coincidence of all opposites; that’s where my dimensionless abode is.

There is chaos in my solitude; but as an imperfect object in space cannot affect the perfection of…

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Achieving Self- Realization

Yachna Yoga

The following article is not for everyone.  It will only appeal to those rare diehard individuals who seek the highest goal of achieving God consciousness, who have a hunger for self realization (atmagyan ); For those who have an undying thirst for learning the universal truth and discovering their true divine nature.

The formula to achieve God consciousness or self realization is very simple,  but very difficult to execute. The formula is- Still your mind.

Annhilate all thoughts as mind is nothing but thoughts.

No- not even positive thoughts will help attain self realization.  The fact that one puts in conscious effort to think positive thoughts is an indication of the amount of negativity that has overtaken one’s mind. Don’t try to slay negative thoughts with positive thoughts-  just become thought free.

The world appears real because of constant thoughts.  Once thoughts subside and the mind becomes completely still- the universal truth…

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Seeing God


God, i.e. that ineffable Ground of all things to which the word alludes, can surely be seen and realized. This ground is not found as long as one is seeking it in the form of an object of consciousness, for It is Itself the source of that objectifying subjectivity that animates all things from behind the veil that is the seeking subject.

God is not found by seeking, for It is the finding itself: It is the will by which one seeks and the light in which one finds. The revealer of all things Itself remains forever concealed.

However, God, the Ground, can be seen and realized though in a manner incomparable to ordinary cognition subject to the trifold differentiation of the knower, the known, and the knowing. Compared to the seeing that sees God, our everyday seeing is sheer blindness.

Knowledge, whether discursive or unitive, has a form proportioned…

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