a turtle or a giraffe they are the same from the day their origin were and their attitude towards nature did not change but man on the other hand won’t even know what will be his next action. action degenerating environment.

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You cannot explain to a Turtle a Giraffes decision. -Bishop T.D. Jakes You cannot explain to a Turtle a Giraffes decision. -Bishop T.D. Jakes


When you talk about your instincts and where they are taking you at this season in your life but you have naysayers around you, remember the difference between Giraffes and Turtles:

Giraffes and Turtles may occupy the same space but they do not have the same world view. The Giraffe can be in the same geographical location as the Turtle but the Giraffe eats from the tops of the trees, and the Turtle moves through the grass.

What ultimately happens in the lives of all people is that we “eat on the level of our vision”.

When you are a Giraffe and you get criticism from Turtles, the Turtles are reporting the view from the level they are on.

If you understand this, you won’t be moved by what they say. 

Giraffes have a 25lb heart so…

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i am not sure what i want in this form of life. NOW I KNOW partially what this existence is. There seems to be more relevance to Bhagavadgita's 66th sloka of 18th chapter.

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