ashtavakra is one character of ancient India one may love to know.

the following links may help read and know what advaita is.


Lack of understanding – even among the “understanding”

simple and related to spirituality & healthy living

Confessions of the Disordered

“If people do not understand you outrightly, do not worry; understand people outrightly and act with wisdom, courage and understanding”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I have been ignorant to the workings of the world. I used to believe that if you “understood mental health” that you understood it all, but it has become clear to me that things are not so simple.

People seem to find it easy to accept that depression, anxiety and eating disorders. It is okay to say “my depression/anxiety/ED is bad today”. What happens when it comes to a less well-known disorder?

In my treatment in hospital I was taught to acknowledge when my feelings, thoughts and reactions were BPD related – in order to be able to go against the disorder.

If you want to stay in bed all day because of depression, or avoid a certain situation because of anxiety, you should acknowledge it…

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the words known from the day one we started to know them have changed frequently in their utility and meaning. how many of us know that we are permanently naked as far as understanding of the real meaning of words we use in our daily life, i said naked  word because dressing is accepted as sign of civilization.

The Parable of The Naked Man

By being naked intelligence comes on it’s own


(The image is the famous Hubble Ultra-Deep Field.)

We often demand miracles as proofs for the transcendental origin of the world; but in demanding so we are blind to the miracle in the fact of being and the act of demanding. Our mundane preoccupations eclipse the sense of wonder inherent in each moment and its content; and we take for granted the strangest of all things, that the world is.

We take the scientific descriptions as causal explanations, as if science really explained the why of being and becoming! We look for miracles inside the world but fail to see that the very being of the world is itself the most obvious miracle, the ground of all miracles.

The miracle of Being is something beyond the scope of all rational inquiry, for reason itself must first be before it can know, and hence itself remains always a mystery.

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Religious Freedom: Whose freedom is it? – Virendra Parekh

one reason i do not understand the meaning of living.

Bharata Bharati

Virendra Parekh“The Church claims the right to freedom of religion, by which it means its own right to convert others, and never the other way round (recall its strong condemnation of Ghar Wapsi). Christian evangelical efforts in the world today constitute nothing less than an open declaration of war on other religions. What it forgets is that if missionaries have a right to preach the Gospel, ancient societies professing pacifist non-proselytising religions have a right to defend themselves.” – Virendra Parekh

Narendra ModiThanks, but no thanks. That would be the reaction of discerning missionaries to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much awaited intervention in the ongoing discourse on tolerance and religious freedom. He has obliged them at last, but with a twist which negates much of the favour.

On the face of it, it would be a matter of immense satisfaction to the Church that the political head of a non-Christian secular country…

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