The Phenomenology of God

it is injustice to write any comment.


It appears to us that we see the world because we are looking outwardly into it; but in truth what appears to be our seeing the world is us being seen by God. The seeing before us is not ours; it is His. Our seeing of the world is God’s seeing us. God is the real subject of all our experiences. It is not surprising that we can never find an I when we look for it. There is no such I. This we ought to keep with us all the time, to know that we are always bare-naked before Him. He knows our darkest secrets and even our prayers before we know them ourselves, because He is the very knowing through which we know what we know. The reality of everything, including our perceptions and apperceptions, derives from His reality.

We often assume a wrong relationship with God. We…

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The Grace to Embrace

one among many such drill down story. good to be part of Tomajji.


We must remind ourselves, those of us practicing religion as a means of salvation rather than welfare, that the spiritual life, the life of God, is about God and not us. That we complain so often of our imperfections and the subsequent suffering is a misunderstanding of religion. Perhaps we think that spiritual life is about having a good time, that a good spiritual life is a life of mental and emotional security and perfect devotion. In the face of the slightest suffering we blame ourselves of spiritual failure as if perfection, spiritual or otherwise, was a human possibility!
It is a bad habit of our times, more so in the western hemisphere, that we should think everything is about us and how we feel, that anything that disturbs the emotions has an evil origin unless one sees the visible hand of God. We have a hard time accepting, let…

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