The maṅgalācaraṇam of the Mānasollāsa


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A conversation with a friend brought my mind back to the Mānasollāsa, the encyclopedia of the great Cālukya emperor Someśvara-deva. Below is the maṅgalācaraṇam of that work. The last verse is where the author announces himself. There are the following caveats: 1) The text as I have it is unclear in parts and this seems to arise both from the printing and the underlying manuscripts that were used. In the unclear parts I have taken the readings most obvious to me. 2) There translation appended to verses is approximate and the reader should look at the original.

abhīṣṭa-phaladaṃ siddhi-siddhamantraṃ gaṇeśvaram ।
karṇa-tālāniloddhūta-vighna-tūla-lavaṃ numaḥ॥
We salute the Gaṇeśvara, the giver of desired fruits and the success-granting mantra, who blows away the cotton-tangles of obstacles with the draft from the beating of his ears.

saṃvit-sakhī jayaty ekā kā ‘pi śuddhā sarasvatī ।
yayā svataḥ prabuddhānāṃ prakāśo’tiprakāśyate ॥

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