Lūtikā-Somākhyoḥ pravādaḥ


It was probably one weekend after the tumultuous incidents concerning the gifts of Vidrum. Somakhya’s cousin Saumanasa and her husband Matidhvaja had visited him and Lootika. Saumanasa had spent a good deal of the time with Lootika in the kitchen learning various tricks from her. They had also spent some time talking about science and visiting the museums in the city. They had just left that morning and later in the afternoon Somakhya and Lootika had biked to the lakeside in woods in the vicinity to observe the Comb Ducks. Having chained their bikes to tree behind screening bushes they took up their gear and started climbing up the incline to reach their observation point that afforded a commanding view of the dinosaurs.

Lootika: “Oh Bhṛgu I wish life froze for ever like this.”
Somakhya smiled and said: “And Gautamī you are saying this? Are we not headed to see…

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i am not sure what i want in this form of life. NOW I KNOW partially what this existence is. There seems to be more relevance to Bhagavadgita's 66th sloka of 18th chapter.

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