live life full size like king without a peney.

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Samsara(household life) is Nirvana’s forgetfulness of its own nature.
The fact that we can view ourselves as a personality suggests the existence of an element in us that transcends that personality,Thus, we, the true, transcendental experiencers, could not be the same as the personality that we perceive. The moment we detach ourselves from any idea leading to build personality, then we are already whole without need of any objects whatsoever.Our bondage is not bondage to the world but bondage to our ideas about the world and ourselves in it.World is wherever I am, what else is there to worry about if I am all that there is?

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i am not sure what i want in this form of life. NOW I KNOW partially what this existence is. There seems to be more relevance to Bhagavadgita's 66th sloka of 18th chapter.

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